Triumph Tiger 1960

“The Year of the RAT”

The Tiger 100 (T100) was a standard motorcycle first made by the British motorcycle company Triumph in 1939. Production ceased when the Triumph factory was destroyed by German bombing in 1940 during World War 2 but recommenced in 1946. Several variants were manufactured until 1973.

The Tiger 100 was developed as a sports enthusiasts' machine and, as with previous models, the "100" referred to its claimed maximum speed in miles per hour (mph).

The Tiger was the sports bike of the Triumph marque and was extensively used for racing. Racing modification included a solo seat. 1959 was the last of the pre-units (separate engine/gearbox) and in 1960 it was completely redesigned in the new 'unit' style as the T100A.

Our T100A still has its rear mudguard nicknamed the “Bathtub”. Bathtub styling was part of a brief flirtation with an enclosed bike that infected England from the mid-50s to the mid-60s. After WWII, Brits were in dire need of basic transportation, and most couldn’t afford cars, so they commuted on bikes to and from work. The problem is the weather. The owner would get into work covered in road splash and go through the same thing when he got home in the evening.

The solution was the Bathtub bodywork. Many people hated the look though and got rid of it to make a more naked bike. For this reason the Bathtubs are quite rare and expensive if you do find one.

The Tiger’s questionable claim to fame was that Bob Dylan had his infamous motorcycle accident on a T100. A crash that resulted in him withdrawing from public life and stopped him touring for 8 years. Although there are some interesting conspiracy theories around this.

Our Bathtub is a truly British Classic and is close to my heart in that we share the same birth month . Hence, the 960 RAT.

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