When we saw how good our Vincent Rapide looked on the Dunhill shoot, we realised that there was a possibility that we could use our bikes in the same way as the Mustangs on Video and Photo Shoots

So why the RAT? I’ve always ridden bikes and my first dream bike was a Triumph Export Bonneville. I eventually managed to acquire a 1982 Bonnie (the Black Rat) which became my daily bike. Triumph Motorcycles are known as RATS because of the original Riders Association of Triumphs (R.A.T. the first owners club). I still have the Black Rat Bonnie and it is now on the fleet.

1960 was the year of the RAT and quite a special year for me (and my parents). In 2020 (also a year of the RAT) I decided I wanted a bike that had been “born” in the same year as me. Our Triumph Tiger (with its September 1960 registration plate), was what turned up. Born 2 weeks before me. It’s also in the fleet.

Ultimately, I would like to offer the bikes on a self-ride hire basis. Insurance companies don’t share my enthusiasm for that at the moment but we’re working on it. In the meantime, they go out on shoots as the centre of attention or sometimes just as background props.

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